Healing Dance Retreat Ibiza  



Healing Dance Retreat Ibiza -

Healing Dance Retreat Ibiza

"The Medicine Dance - Dance cure"

For thousands of years Dance has been used to heal the individual and the tribe.
The Bedouins of the deserts, the American Tribes, the shamans of Siberia and many others practiced moving to be moved, from deep inside, freeing yourself from tensions by expressing them and entering the spiritual world of ceremonies.

Ibiza, the Island of Dance, is a magical place where the strong beauty of nature relaxes and invites you to move beyong bounderies.
Dance is a powerful tool for transformation with ethnic, creative and trance music we move to be moved to our true extatic self.
Shamanism works in the realms of the spirits and honors the ancestors in order to reconnect to deep inner Joy, Power & Wisdom.

The Dance Cure is a strong tool to access the inner source of vital life force and wisdom.
Opening the heart in meditation, connecting the inner healer through altered states of consciousness. One experiences new inspiration and guidance.
Shamanism teaches to use the intention, to respect and to connect with the ancestors and healing spirits of Mother Nature.
Through Shamanic Medicines such as smoke, breath, dance, trance, tobacco and prayers we will go through deep cleansing and healing process.
Music of all tribes and all times will inspire us and guide us through this process of Transformation, while we...

sweat our prayers and dance our joy to the rythm of the sea

Zorah Leduc Professional Oriental Dancer, Choreographer and Medicine woman

Zorah Leduc -
Professional Oriental Dancer, Choreographer & Medicine woman

Zorah Leduc - Professional Oriental Dancer, Choreographer & Medicine woman

Zorah workes and lives in Spain.
She studied dance and shamanic rituals all over the world.
Egypt, Morocco and USA - ceremonies of the Red path,
Medicine rituals of Brasil and Equador, Yoga, Trance dance (Frank Natale), Osho’s dynamic Meditations and Holotropic Breath work (St. Grof).

Dance is the medicine that I have been given from great spirit.
To share it with you is to honour my teachers with your beauty